Healing Crystals

Uses of Crystals: Crystal Activation with Isochronic Tones

Uses of crystals through crystal activation were long known to the mankind. Only isochronic tones have made a new entry into the scene revolutionizing the entire scenario that these healing crystals have kept being used for since thousands of years ago.

They affect the body. They affect the chakras in the body. They affect health. They affect relations. They affect balance. They in fact affect every single aspect of life!

Let's go into the properties and the healing affects of various different healing crystals, each separately so:

Uses of Crystals: Tiger Eye

Tiger eye has long been known to affect balancing third eye chakra, increasing insight in the person being benefited by its effect. It also helps transferring the third eye psychedelic visions to the conscious mind in a comprehensible way.

Uses of Crystals: Black Onyx

Black onyx associates with the summoning of power linking it up with the root chakra in such a way as facilitates following your dreams without any obstruction in the way of fulfilling them thoroughly in life.

Uses of Crystals: Hematite

Hematite affects the mental framework in a way that improves and enhances the analytical, memorizing and inspirational functions of mind leading to turn one into such a confident person as speaks with power in one's words, thus boosting one's self esteem beyond all measure.

Uses of Crystals: Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is for the clarity in the mind through focusing it on one single point for an indefinite length of time, enabling seeing through a reality from within rather than merely looking at it from above. In fact, through activating the crown chakra, it tends to turn one into a seer.

It all happens through an energy transfer process between the healing crystals and the person being healed, but there is one condition without which all attempts at the said energy transfer just go waste.

The condition is that of crystal activation, i.e., the healing crystals must first be activated to let the process of energy transfer go smooth without any hindrance in its way.

Traditional crystal activation methods like planting the healing crystals among plants to absorb their energy or exposing them to the sun or the water have met with a partial success, it is the latest innovation of crystal activation through isochronic tones that have taken the uses of crystals to the peak of their efficiency.

Such crystal activation through isochronic tones is needed to be done at least four times a year as a rule, apart from any extra emergency activation that might get needed in case the crystal has accidentally absorbed any extra negative frequency vibrations in its structure any time. 

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