Binaural Beats for Natural Mood Enhancer Serotonin Release

If you want a natural mood enhancer ever at your service, just go for serotonin release in your body through brainwave entrainment done with binaural beats or isochronic tones causing sheer bliss in your body and mind in your pursuit of happiness that in fact everyone is after in one's life.

You might be suffering from serotonin deficiency as well, since it never gets diagnosed until there is something real serious with the state of health that you are in.

And since it is a natural boost of a natural mood enhancer that your system gets without using any drugs actuating a sheer bliss for your pursuit of happiness, you don't even have any risk of over-producing it, which otherwise could raise some other kinds of health alarms in your body as it does in case of serotonin deficiency too.

In fact it simply is a monoamine neurotransmitter derived by the body biochemically from tryptophan, which it stores in three different places. One is the gastrointestinal tract, the second are the platelets, and the third which is the most important one is the central nervous system.

It's in this third storage place where acting as a natural mood enhancer it actuates the sheer bliss stage satiating your pursuit of happiness. At times people call it happiness hormone too, but that's not a reality since it's not a hormone in the strict sense of the term.

Enterochromaffin cells in the gut store its major part amounting to 80% of it in them, regulating intestinal movements with its help. Once its job is done there, it gets stored in the blood platelets where they use it to clot blood and heal wounds. The part, i.e., the rest 20% that the central nervous system synthesizes in serotonergic neurons plays its all important role in controlling and regulating mood, appetite, sleep, and muscle contraction.

In the event of falling victim to serotonin deficiency, one falls into the trap of chronic depression, drop in heart rate, shallow breathing as well as a reduced life span. It may affect children very seriously afflicting them with sudden infant death syndrome.

How can its level be increased in a natural way?

Luckily brainwave entrainment has been able to do it through binaural beats and isochronic tones made available in a special recording made for this very purpose alone.

What brainwave entrainment through binaural beats or isochronic tones does is first it entrains the brain into an exact Alpha frequency state. Once it has been elevated to that level, it is re-entrained into Beta frequencies. The moment it happens so, serotonergic neurons start producing it more resulting in its naturally increased production in the body which has its direct effect on mind through turning it ever happy in a psycho-biological way!

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