Brainwave Entrainment for Huge Orgasm in Sexual Intercourse

You can easily expect a huge orgasm in sexual intercourse with brainwave entrainment that has the capacity to entrain the brainwave frequencies to a perfect low alpha frequency.

The sexual system including the reproductive system along gets a big boost from the brainwave synchronization synchronizing the brain frequencies to this low alpha frequency.

If we translate the same in the language of chakras, it's the sacral chakra that gets energized in the process in order to transfer the said boost from the brain to the sexual and the reproductive systems.

As is a well known fact, sacral chakra has since long been famous as sex chakra too.

Brainwave frequencies are quite capable of accentuating the peak of the climax in sex as well as of increasing the frequency of repetition at which this peak state can be arrived.

The quality and the quantity together with each other as an organic whole in the game of sex are sufficient enough to make one an incarnation of Cupid on earth.

It simply amounts to be a huge orgasm anytime at will, maintaining its size every time you will it to be in sexual intercourse! As it gets released, it releases a huge rush of endorphins in the body along.

Brainwave synchronization also turns your vibrations, both in the brain and in the body, inductive in their effect over the other partner lying with you in your bed in the sense that it induces an enhancement in the vibrations of your partner as well.

It's love that turns your vibrations into those of passion. Alternatively these are the right vibrations that turn you on as a great lover with all your passion for your partner in the bed.

Would you like to be one?

Brainwave Entrainment Recording will easily take you there. Listen to it before you start making love with each other and everything will fall in place.

Not before long, you will start feeling the rushing gust of endorphins flowing all through your body along with the passion in your heart coming from the vibrations of your brain.

Go for a binaural recording or else for an isochronic.

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