DNA Stimulation

DNA stimulation is something that one needs to undergo when his or her DNA get repaired due to several reasons. Before getting into what DNA stimulation what really is, we shall first look upon how DNA gets repaired. There are several ways by which one's DNA gets damaged and it has now become one of the major concepts in cancer biology. DNA damage occurs due to prolonged exposure to radiations like UV ray, X ray or any other radioactive rays. It may also occur due to chemical intoxication or thermal disruptions as well. These are the major causes that make the DNA damaged and hence some gene loss or important functionality of them is lost. This DNA damaged needs to be stimulated back. Only this will ensure a smooth and normal living.

The DNA damage is not a rare thing. It occurs everyday in every part of the body. A normal person cannot know whether his DNA is damaged or not. But only the individual cell knows that the DNA has been damaged and it has to be repaired. In a normal day more than 70000 DNS damage occurs. On all that cases, the cell tries to repair it by several processes. This process of repairing the damaged DNA is termed to as DNA stimulation. DNA stimulation by cell occurs whenever a cell gets damaged. The cell orders the DNA near the damaged DNA to bind with it or couple with it and hence stimulates the damaged DNA. By this way, the DNA gets stimulated and normalcy is restored. But this is a long process.

In today's advancement in science and technology, one need not wait this long to get his or her DNA stimulated. It is going to be only a matter of hours. Yes., there has been research done in this field and it has been shown that external factors can influence the DNA stimulation. It was found that the DNAs can be stimulated if delta frequency is applied. On these frequencies, the recovery is rapid and DNA stimulation occurs at a very fast rate, thereby ensuring speedy recovery and well being.

This mid-delta frequency works very very efficiently and follows a healing procedure that cannot be understood very clearly. The main hypothesis is that when two different sine waves are applied to each ear, then the brain directly obtains the frequency and creates its own frequency that is possibly the difference between the frequencies applied. This frequency is in the mid delta region and cannot be heard. Also this frequency will now ensure that the DNA healing will occur rapidly.

When a person is subjected to this frequencies, he can well see the changes occurring in his mind and body. This takes only about minutes. The DNA Stimulation has several advantages. The first of them is that there is no physical work or training that has to be done. Just placing your head phone for minutes is enough. The next thing one can see about is that it repairs, stimulates DNA very efficiently and very faster than any other process. Also one can note that since our body creates a response, it will surely work each and every time.

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