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One who wants psychic miracles to happen at will, then its time to ponder upon aura viewing. One can realize the importance of favorable ambient conditions if he /she is put under different daunting canopy involving demanding work routine. The development of human fraternity over certain psychological practices has gifted stupendous things to common man. It is regarded as powerful technology leading eventually to determination of character and traits of a particular person based on information furnished by stellar and planetary world. One, who finds his / her belief over the existence of an ultimate superpower (god), realizes the unique and divine power of aura viewing. Aura viewing includes development of certain intricate techniques to interpret changes in the body corresponding to changes in the stellar world. This psychic practice includes use of intuitive mind in most exhaustive way to develop connection between the soul and almighty via certain notable things present in happening atmosphere.

Techniques involved:

Attitude speaks for the person in exercising this powerful technique to demand favorable and charismatic changes in each and every person's life. Concentration plays a major role in the development of peripheral vision with actions performed by influential intuitive mind. Assistance from trained professionals can be worthy and conducive for beginners to rely upon. Aura viewing can be made all the more effective by use of specially designed glasses (aura glasses). Simple techniques to establish contact with astounding world of aura are listed below-
" One can take time to visualize his / her hand for few moments with utmost concentration to scope the physiological features of hand even after the removal of contact with source by closing the eyes. This induces the mind to work on neural connections portraying picture of hand without any physical contact with source. Practicing this procedure in cycles may develop ways to make it feasible to experience various benefits bestowed by aura technology.
" It is now notable to guess the physiological features of various forms present in the body with ethnic approach. This can be restructured to conceptualize whole body viewing with specific number of cycles. This helps in establishment of thoughts over particular things for long duration of time yielding to overall enhancement of changes instituted by aura technology.


Frequency harmonics are using aura viewing as major tool to restructure the general outlook of vision pertaining to an individual by bringing up certain qualified changes in focusing of things by eyes. This benefited many people in shortening up of healing time appreciably. This also helps in coordinating mind towards certain implicit actions that takes place without major involvement of a particular person's mind. Motion perception may institute certain miraculous changes in the mind equipping a person to get immortal power of aura to take over the control established by brain in a person's life.

Tips to develop:

Realization of working different parts of brain may develop intuitive thinking into person's normal work routine. Lucid vision of things with pioneering experience of psychic visualization may develop aura viewing ability in a person's life. Meditation and remote visualization techniques can explore the brain extensively and thereby bestow new powerful tools like aura technology to control actions at will.

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Binaurals play two stereo frequencies that are different from each other. The brain balances the two and tunes into the frequency difference. These recordings actually Control the Difference and put you right into an Altered State of our choice. Monaurals and Isochronics use equal intensity tones which pulse. The pulsing interacts and harmonizes with the brain as it lowers your brain's operating frequencies.

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